We offer freedom and focus our attention on generating discipline and strengthening the mind. Teaching is personal, we seek that each student progresses gradually, according to their abilities. Our teachers will guide you gently in your progress, valuing your commitment and effort and introducing you to the great Universe of Yoga and its depths … Although, in reality, this is something that you will discover for yourself.


Rocket Yoga or “The Rocket” is an invigorating routine designed to awaken and nourish with the precious prana to the nervous system. It takes you to challenge your mind, your body and your emotions to awaken a spirit of change and freedom during practice. They are 3 sequences that combine positions from the First to the Third Series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa.


It is an energizing and dynamic yoga that exercises a series of asanas combining techniques of breathing and movement. The purpose of this practice is to control the mind and synchronize movement through the number of breaths. It is one of the most active disciplines of yoga and is known as “Breathing System and Meditation in Motion.”


Vinyasa Yoga refers to a form of yoga, which follows a particular series of asanas (postures). These postures follow one another, in order to create a specific pattern or a smooth flow. In Yoga Vinyasa, all postures held by the body are connected through rhythmic breathing, so strength and energy are created in the body.


It is a semi-dynamic class and with ever changing sequences, they are usually quieter classes of rhythm but with more physical resistance. Being a practice that works more alignment teaches us to accept tolerance and embrace willpower.


Yoga for pregnant women allows expectant mothers to take care of their body, their mind, and protect themselves to receive in a relaxed way the unborn baby. Adapting the postures to that body in constant change and allowing it to retain the elasticity. It will keep you in shape, improve strength and give you calmness and control. In addition to benefiting your baby’s health, yoga is highly recommended to prepare you for childbirth.


Kundalini yoga is a technique for transformation and mastery of the mind. In these classes are practiced asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing), mantras, mudras and meditation thus becoming a very complete discipline and the perfect complement to life.


Yin Yoga is a very quiet practice, whose work or practice is very interesting or functional, especially for people who are very nervous or anxious …. This class is passive in the realization of the different asanas, which are usually kept for 3 to 5 minutes each, which gives time for a deep journey to the unfolding, towards the meditative aspects of yoga, sometimes working the silence , Other times breathing, or mantras as a bridge to connect the body with the mind and spirit.


Children will learn to relax and exercise their breathing. It will help them cope with life situations and lack of concentration. Yoga for children at It’s Yoga will help them take physical and psychic mastery.

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